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Donabe Skillet with Handles

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  • Size: 20 cm (8″) x W26.5 cm (10.5″) – incl. handles x H5 cm (2″)
  • Capacity of the skillet: 450 ml (about 1 3/4 cups)
  • Weight: 0.8 kg (about 1.8 lbs)

Iga-yaki Toban (Donabe Skillet)

Steak, stir-fry, quick suki-yaki, oven-baking, or even microwave-cooking etc., Iga-yaki toban (donabe skillet) is a unique cookware as well as a serving dish at the same time.Toban (literally translates into "ceramic skillet"), is one of traditional-style Japanese cookware which can work as skillet or shallow pot. Once the ingredients are cooked in toban, you can serve it directly at the table.

Why Iga-yaki toban is loved by both professional chefs and serious home cooks

Outstanding heat durability

Iga-yaki toban is made from the special type of Iga-clay, which is extremely durable with heat. So, this donabe skillet can be put over direct heat even when the skillet is empty.

No seasoning necessary

Unlike classic donabe pots, this Iga-yaki toban doesn’t need to be seasoned by making porridge in it. Once it’s rinsed, your toban is ready to go. (*Make sure the bottom is dry before being heated.)

Handy and effective cooking

From the stove-top to the table, Iga-yaki toban works as a cookware as well as a serving dish. Also, because the glaze of the skillet promotes far-infrared radiation (FIR), the steady heat reaches to the core of each ingredient faster than simple heating. (*Toban should never be used for deep-frying, or be heated only with oil for a long time.)

Remarkable heat retention ability

Just like other Iga-yaki donabe, because of the special porous Iga clay, the skillet has the remarkable heat retention ability and hot food stays hot longer at the table.

General Product Information

  • Clay skillet (ceramic, made of the clay from Iga, Japan)
  • Color: black
  • Made by Nagatani-en
  • Origin: Iga, Japan
  • The package includes an English instruction sheet
  • Not suitable for dishwasher