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Authentic Donabe (Japanese clay pot) products from Iga, Japan

With very easy preparation, you can cook the premium quality rice over stove-top with no need to even adjust the heat level twice. This donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san", is made by Nagatani-en, which has been a producer of Iga-yaki clay pottery in Iga, Japan since 1832. "Kamado-san" has been a best-seller donabe rice cooker in Japan and has been utilized in both households and also many restaurants. toiro kitchen is proud to present "Kamado-san" and other authentic Iga-yaki donabe products.

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New Product: "Osaji Kosaji" measuring spoons

A set of unique 2-in-1 measuring spoons from Japan. Japanese chestnut wood and porcelain. Each has both small and large spoon. They are the essential items in my kitchen - Naoko.

Donabe article on Essen & Trinken

Naoko's debut on Essen & Trinken, the most popular food magazine in Germany! 3-page article about donabe cooking and Naoko's interview. Donabe is going international! 

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