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TOIRO shop in LA is now open!

1257 N La Brea Ave West Hollywood, CA 90038

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Authentic Donabe products from Iga, Japan


TOIRO brings you beautifully crafted Japanese donabe (clay pot) products for your everyday use. We are the official US representative of Nagatani-en, a leading producer of authentic Iga-yaki (Iga style) donabe and versatile earthenware products form Iga, Japan. These products are carefully crafted by hand and have gone through multiple detailed quality checks.

Our shop also offers other unique and artisanal kitchenware and tableware from all over Japan. Each product has a story and is something we fell in love with personally. We hope to spread the wonderful Japanese food culture through our donabe and artisanal ware related to your "eating life". Happy Donabe Life.

"The best thing to happen for American home cooks in years is Naoko finally opening Toiro in LA, where you can get her book, browse all the donabe and donburi utensils and vessels, and learn more about making your own dishes to be served over rice or along side it. Check out TOIRO, my new favorite website, and start cooking. "
- Andrew Zimmern, Award-winning chef, journalist, and TV personality

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Andrew Zimmern Loves TOIRO and our Donabe!

Andrew Zimmern Loves TOIRO and our Donabe!

Award-winning chef, journalist, and a TV host, Andrew Zimmern, wrote a beautiful story about his love for Japanese cooking in Food & Wine and ...
TOIRO in C Magazine

TOIRO in C Magazine

Our shop is introduced in the latest edition of C Magazine. We are so happy to be part of diverse LA community. Thank you!
Our Kamado-san Donabe is in Martha Stewart's Gift Guide (Again!)

Our Kamado-san Donabe is in Martha Stewart's Gift Guide (Again!)

Our double-lid donabe rice cooker, Kamado-san, is selected in this year's holiday gift guide by! This is the second time Kamado-s...

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