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Customer Service / Frequently Asked Questions

1. Ordering and Delivery

Q1: What is your order cancellation policy?

Q2: What is your return policy?

Q3: What if I receive an damaged item?

Q4: What is your exchange policy?

Q5: What are your shipping terms (see Q12 for international shipment)?

Q6. What are the terms about ordering food items?

Q7: How much is the shipping and handling cost?

Q8: What shipping methods do you use for delivery?

Q9: Do you offer expedited shipping?

Q10: What payment options do you offer? Are they secure?

Q11: What is your privacy policy?

Q12: Do you ship internationally? Wha are your international shipping terms?

Q13: Where is my order shipped from?

2. Double-lid Donabe Rice Cooker, Kamado-san

Q1: What's the minimum amount of rice you can cook with Kamado-san?

Q2: Can I cook brown rice with Kamado-san?

Q3: Can I cook other types of rice with Kamado-san?

Q4. Does the inner lid of Kamado-san work with other types of donabe for cooking rice like Kamado-san?

3. Donabe Smoker, Ibushi Gin

Q1: Can I use donabe smoker, Ibushi Gin for something other than smoking?

Q2: Can I use charcoal or any other materials other than wood smoke chips for Ibushi Gin?

4. Iga-yaki Grill, Yaki Yaki San

Q1:How about if I burn the grill top of Yaki Yaki San?

5. Donabe Steamer, Mushi Nabe

Q1: Can I buy a Mushi Nabe steam grate separately? Do you sell steam grates to fit Kamado-san or other donabe?

6. Other Iga-yaki Donabe General

Q1: Who makes these donabe products, which are sold in your store, TOIRO?

Q2: Can you tell me about the nature and "wabi sabi" beauty of Iga-yaki donabe?

Q3: Can I fry ingredients in donabe or heat a donabe while it's empty?

Q4: Are there design/ color variations within the same donabe product? Can I choose a specific unit?

Q5: There are different functional donabe products and I don't know which donabe I should buy.

Q6: Can I use donabe on electric stove or induction cooktop?

Q7: I want to use donabe, but my kitchen stove is electric. What should I do?

Q8: Can I use donabe in the oven or wood fire/ charcoal grill? If so, what is the maximum temperature donabe can stand?

Q9: How about the safety of donabe and Iga-yaki products? Are they led-free?

Q10: How can I season donabe before start using it? Is it easy? Do I have to wash the donabe before seasoning?

Q11: Can I season my donabe with flour or uncooked rice, instead of cooked rice?

Q12: After I used my donabe a few times, I see tiny cracks inside of the bowl. Is it okay?

Q13: Can I store leftover in my donabe?

Q14: I burned food inside of a donabe. How can I cleaned a stubborn burnt spot?

Q15: There are some burned spots on the outside of the bottom part of the donabe. Did I use it wrong?

Q16: I dropped my donabe and a part of the rim is chipped now. Can I still use it? Can I reattach the broken part with a super glue?

Q17: I haven't used my donabe for many days and found there was mold grown inside. What should I do?

Q18: Is there English-language instruction sheet included in my donabe order? I also find a beautiful Japanese booklet in the same package. Is there an English version of this booklet?

Q19: The lid of my donabe fits kind of loosely. Is this a defect?

Q20: Why some donabe are more expensive than others when the size is similar?

7. Recipes

Q1: Questions about recipes and ingredients

Q2: Can you tell me how to cook your donabe recipes in the oven?

Q3: Some of the recipes in this website requires dashi soup stock. Is it easy to make at home? Is there any instant kind?

8. Company

Q1: Do you have a physical store location?

Q2: What does your company name TOIRO mean?

Q3: What's the unofficial theme song of TOIRO?

9. About Iga-yaki Pottery

The item I received is different from what was pictured.