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Maintaining the tradition of Mino-yaki pottery since the 9th century, Yamasan-Miyake produces high quality tableware and has been a specialty donburi producer for over 20 years. They firmly believe that the overall enjoyment of a dish comes not only from the taste and aroma, but also from the vessel in which it is served. Their tableware is manufactured in a small-lot process allowing them to give attention to each individual piece. As a result, their bowls and plates have lasting durability and vivid color.

Mino-yaki Earthenware

Mino-yaki earthenware is specialty pottery produced in the Mino Region (around current Toki City) of Gifu prefecture which began in the 7th century. Mino-yaki continues to adapt to modern lifestyles while preserving its history and tradition. One of the signature characteristics of Mino-yaki earthenware is its diversity. Mino-yaki does not adhere to a single form, as it has over 15 registered types of traditional handicraft in Japan.

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