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Japanese "Tenugui" Cotton Cloth

Hand-dyed by 260-year-old Artisan Dyer

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Hand-dyed Japanese traditional multi-purpose "Tenugui" cotton cloth made by a 260-year-old artisan dyer, Echigo Kamegonya, from Niigata, Japan.

Each tenugui is hand-dyed in a traditional method by a craftsman.

Tenugui cloth used to be an essential item at households in during Edo Period (1,600 - 1,868) and still has been loved by people in Japan.

Tenugui is an essential item for donabe cooking, as you can use it to lift a hot lid or use two for holding handles to carry a donabe. It's more convenient than using oven mitts and also look prettier!

For other common purposes, tenugui can be used as a wiping cloth, gift wrapping, display on the wall, or even fashion (wrap around neck or used as a bandana). It also makes a beautiful presentation by wrapping a bottle of sake or wine as a gift.

You can even cut it in half and use them as small towels or handkerchief.

Tenugui traditionally has unhemmed ends and natural fraying is part of the beauty of tenugui. The frays can be cut by scissors. This "unfinished" end actually helps the cloth to dry faster and prevent the end from collecting dust.

The more you use it, the better the fabric feels to your skin. Also, just like many other Japanese traditional products with wabi sabi beaty, we appreciate how the look of it develops as you use it more and more. The end would fray more and the color starts to fade a little by little, and we hope you enjoy such developments of this traditional tenugui. Tenugui is not a mass-produced machine-made towel. Each piece is slightly different and not uniform. So, we hope you will enjoy this authentic wabi sabi beauty filled with rich history.

(Here's a great article we found about Tenugui. We hope you will check it out if you are not familiar with what tenugui is. The article is about its history, usage, and how it's been an important part of Japanese culture. : "Tenugui: A Cloth Without Limits")

Cotton 100%
Size: 36" x 13.5" (90 cm x 34 cm)