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Hinoki Wood Mold (5 holes)
Hinoki Wood Mold (5 holes)
Hinoki Wood Mold (5 holes)
Hinoki Wood Mold (5 holes)
Hinoki Wood Mold (5 holes)

Traditional rice mold with 5 designs

Hinoki Wood Mold (5 holes)


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Yamacoh Co. 

Since 1972, Yamacoh Co. has sought to achieve unity between Japanese beauty and function. The Japanese word, youbi, translates to “functional beauty,” where the essential beauty of something is revealed through functional use. 

Yamacoh woodenware products are made using Japanese woods such as Hinoki and Sawara (types of Japanese Cypress). The wood is known for its delicate lines and smooth surface. In the hands of skilled craftspeople, beauty and function come together. 

Hinoki Wood Mold featuring Five Japanese Symbols

This authentic Japanese rice shaping mold is part of traditional bento preparation and social gatherings. Perfectly designed for consistent rice shaping, making rice dishes in fun shapes and sizes is a way to liven up even simple dishes.

These five shapes of the mold are Japanese traditional symbols. Here are the designs:

Hyotan (ひょうたん, "Gourd"): The Hyotan or gourd is a symbol of protection and health. Its round shape is often associated with the idea of well-rounded, wholesome living. In Japanese culture, it's believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck and prosperity to the owner.

Ogi (扇, "Fan"): The Ogi, or fan, symbolizes elegance, grace, and prosperity. In Japanese culture, fans are associated with the idea of spreading happiness and joy. The act of opening a fan is like unfolding opportunities, making it a symbol of good luck and blessings. The delicate and intricate design of fans also represents beauty and refined taste.

Ume (梅, "Japanese Plum Blossom"): The Ume or Japanese plum blossom is a symbol of beauty, strength, and resilience. It is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, even in the harshest conditions. This makes it a symbol of hope and perseverance through adversity. The Ume is also associated with good fortune and purity.

Take (竹, "Bamboo"): Bamboo is a symbol of flexibility, resilience, and longevity in Japanese culture. Its straight and jointed stem represents honesty and upright character. Bamboo is known for bending but not breaking during strong winds, symbolizing adaptability and strength in adversity. It's considered an auspicious motif, signifying growth, prosperity, and a long and healthy life.

Matsu (松, "Pine Tree"): The Matsu, or pine tree, holds a symbolic significance deeply rooted in endurance and vitality. Renowned for its evergreen nature, the pine tree represents steadfastness and longevity. In Japanese culture, Matsu is often associated with good fortune, protection, and the establishment of a robust foundation for a prosperous life.

Made out of high-quality Hinoki wood, the Japanese rice shaping mold is easily washable and beautiful to look at.  

  • Size: 18.0" X 4.0" x 1.5" | 46 cm x 10 cm x 4 cm
  • Weight: 14.6 oz | 414 g
  • Material: Hinoki
  • Producer: Yamacoh
  • Origin: Gifu, Japan

Usage and Care

  • Hand wash ONLY ( not dishwasher safe) along the grain of the wood with water and a soft sponge
  • Avoid soaking in water
  • Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight; product may discolor and/or warp
  • Avoid using near exposed flame or electric stoves; items are flammable

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