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Mushi Nabe

Donabe Steamer

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  • Size: 31.5 cm (12.5") x W36.5 cm (14.5") – incl. handles x H20 cm (8")
  • Capacity: 3,000 ml (about 3 liter)
  • Weight: 5.7 kg (about 12.5 lbs.)
  • Size: 27 cm (10.75") x W30 cm (12") – incl. handles x H18 cm (6.75")
  • Capacity: 2,000 ml (about 2 liter)
  • Weight: 3.8 kg (about 7.5 lbs.)

Donabe Steamer, "Mushi Nabe"

Authentic Iga-Yaki pottery, by Nagatani-en from Iga, Japan.

Iga-yaki is one of Japan’s most highly-regarded traditional ceramics, which is said to have originated in Iga, Mie-Prefecture in late 7th Century. Nagatani-en, founded in 1832, is the leading producer of Iga-yaki potteries. Nagatani-en’s product has been loved by both professional chefs and home cooks. Each donabe is made by skilled craftsmen with care at Nagatani-en’s facility. It takes about 2 weeks for one donabe to be made. This beaufiful Iga-yaki donabe is not only a great cooking tool, but also makes a great table-top presentation.

Healthy non-oil steam cooking for the wonderful flavor and texture.

This Donabe Steamer, made by Nagatani-en, is designed to cook the ingredients with the fast steam along with the effect of FIR (Far Infrared Radiation). As a result, the ingredients can cook fast while maintaining the natural flavors and nutrients of each ingredient inside.

For fish or meat, its excess fat tends to drain through the steam grate during cooking. Therefore, the Donabe Steamer can give an option for cooking lean.Because the heat penetrates to the core of each ingredient very fast with the FIR effect, you can enjoy the desirable texture of the food when it’s just cooked. Vegetables such as asparagus and broccoli tend to have a crispy texture, while meats can be succulent when ready.

Enjoy the Steam Dishes,
Right Out of The Donabe,
and Right on the Table.

This Donabe Steamer, made by Nagatani-en, is designed so that you can enjoy the family-style tabletop steaming in an intimate setting. Just like doing a Japanese-style one-pot meal, have all the ingredients ready on the table, and enjoy savoring freshly steamed dishes as you cook! (*You will need a portable gas burner for cooking tabletop.)

Use Donabe Steamer, "Mushi Nabe" in many different ways.
Basic Steaming Instructions for the Donabe Steamer, "Mushi Nabe"

  1. Pour the water to about 70% of the donabe body.
  1. Set the steam grate and close with the lid. Set over medium-high to high heat on the gas stove top.
  1. Once the steam starts coming out of the hole of the lid, it’s ready to cook. Be careful with the hot steam when opening the lid.
  1. Put the ingredients on the steam grate. Close the lid and steam until the ingredients are cooked to your desired doneness.

    The cooking time varies depending on the type and size of ingredients.

    Be sure not to clog the holes with the ingredients. You want to leave enough space for the steam to go through the grate.

Using the Donabe Steamer "Mushi Nabe" Cold

"Mushi Nabe" can work as a portable "fridge" with the effect of the heat of vaporization.

To maximize the effect, soak inner side of both parts (except for the steam grate) of "Mushi Nabe" with water (about 3 minutes) and drain, then spread the ice cubes inside of the donabe body, and on the steam grate. Decorate with the ingredients and close the lid.

It’s ideal for serving the cold food such as sashimi, fresh vegetables with dip, fruit salad, etc. The water will drip through the grate to the bottom, so the ingredients won’t become too wet when the ice on the grate melts.

Using as a Classic-style Donabe without the Steam Grate

By removing the steam grate, the Donabe Steamer, "Mushi Nabe", can work as an all-purpose classic-style donabe to enjoy hot pot, braising, etc. Ideal for your one-pot meal.

We also recommend, after cooking a meat course(s) with the Donabe Steamer, remove the steam grate and make a soup, soup noodle, or zousui (soupy porridge) with the remaining cooking water in the donabe. With the juice dripped from the meat, the cooking water can turn into a nice broth. You can simply season it (add extra broth if necessary), and make a last "shime" (end of the meal) couse!

True "Terroir" of Iga

One of the reasons which make Iga-yaki donabe (Iga-style clay pot) so special is the clay.

Iga region, where this donabe is from, used to be the bed of Lake Biwa in the pre-historic time. The clay from this region naturally has the higher level of heat-resistance, therefore the potteries for the open-flame use have been made in this region for many hundreds of years. Because the clay from Iga consists of higher content of carbonated organisms from the pre-historic time, the clay which makes Iga-style donabe is generally porous. Therefore, it "breathes" during cooking. When cooked with Iga-style donabe, porous clay benefits the donabe to retain the heat fully before it’s penetrated to the core of each ingredient in the donabe. Also, the glaze of the surface of the donabe promotes the far infrared radiation (FIR) when heated. This FIR also helps the heat to slowly reach each ingredient for the even cooking.

Recommended item for purchasing with Mushi Nabe Tongs for Donabe Steamer
For Easy Handling of Hot Steam Grate

General Product Information

  • Clay Pot (Ceramic)
  • Made by Nagatani-en
  • Origin: Iga, Japan
  • The parts consist of the pot (bottom part), top lid and ceramic steam grate
  • The package also includes an English instruction sheet
  • Not suitable for dishwasher

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