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Kitchen & Knife Wipe
Kitchen & Knife Wipe
Kitchen & Knife Wipe
Kitchen & Knife Wipe
Kitchen & Knife Wipe
Kitchen & Knife Wipe
Kitchen & Knife Wipe

100% Cotton Soft Mesh Multi-Purpuse Towel

Kitchen & Knife Wipe


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Very Soft and Easy Dry - Multi-Purpose Large Towel

A generously sized, 100% cotton kitchen towel that's both functional and versatile. Its unique layered design enhances absorbency, making it a breeze to dry any surface with ease. Crafted with a mesh structure, this towel is not only highly effective but also exceptionally hygienic. It dries quickly when unfolded, ensuring cleanliness in your kitchen. Beyond dish-drying duty, it's your ideal companion for wrapping a Japanese knife, fruits, or using as pot holders. Remember to give it a quick wash (to remove the starch) before its first use to unleash its full potential.

(Comments by Naoko)

Since I first used this towel, this has become an essential item and I use multiple pieces in my kitchen! Here are how I use it.

1. Use as a dish towel. Great absorbency and I can even wipe my nice wine glasses for shiny finish. This towel is an extra-large size and it's so convenient to wipe any size of tableware.

2. Use to strain ingredients. I often line a strainer with this towel and drain blanched vegetables etc. When I need to squeeze out moisture, this soft and wide towel makes it so easy, too.

3. Use as pot holders. When I carry a donabe, I often use this towel as pot holders.

4. Use as a wrap. As the package says, this was originally designed as a knife wrap. Besides wrapping a knife, I wrap fruits, rice balls, small boxes, etc., to carry to somewhere or bring as a gift.

MUJUN - Bringing Complex Simplicity from Japan

MUJUN is a team of Japanese designers who are passionate about bringing Japanese craftsmanship to contemporary audiences around the world. They believe that Japanese traditional handcrafts are still relevant in our daily life, and that inspires them to create new things. Working closely with skillful craftsmen in Japan to understand the core values and key elements of their work, they redesign the crafts to cater to the modern living. MUJUN hopes to keep tradition alive by creating new innovations. 

Size: 23.2” x 23.2” (59 cm x 59 cm)
Material: Cotton 100%
Brand: Mujun
Origin: Japan

Usage and Care

  • Wash before use for the first time. The towel will soften and expand after washing.
  • Machine washable. No tumble dry.

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