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Iga-yaki Donabe Cookware from Iga, Japan

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What is donabe? Donabe (doh-NAH-bay) is Japanese traditional earthen cookware. The Kanji characters that make up the word mean, "clay pot": do is "clay" or "earth", and nabe is "pot". Donabe ware is versatile, and you can use it for a hot pot, soup, or stew; for steaming fish or vegetables, making rice, or even grilling! Donabe cookware shouldn't be reserved for special occasions; it's designed for everyday cooking.

One time, one meeting. This is the Japanese philosophy of ichigo-ichie. We approach each interaction with true sincerity and treasure it as if it were the last. As a pottery producer, Nagatani-en makes donabe with special attention to the uniqueness that’s inherent in each and every piece because this phenomena can only occur once-in-a-lifetime. These rare experiences can never be replicated and that’s the beauty of it.

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