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Houjicha Powder
Houjicha Powder

Premium Roasted Tea Powder from Uji, Kyoto

Houjicha Powder


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Premium Kyoto Houjicha Powder

This rare Uji houjicha powder is a deep roasted tea, boasting toasty aromas with a hint of caramelized sugar. This tea powder is ideal for brewing like matcha or use in any recipes. Made from meticulously selected tea leaves grown in the renowned tea-growing region of Uji, the leaves are steamed, dried and then artisan roasted by using "deep-roasting" techniques; carefully monitoring the roasting time and temperature. The result is a tea with the perfect intensity and robust flavor that is then ground into a fine powder. The powder consistency makes it perfect for incorporating it into recipes such as cakes, ice cream, tea lattes, smoothies and desserts.

Matchæologist - An Artisanal Japanese Matcha Specialist

Taking the finest traditions of Japanese matcha and giving them a contemporary edge is Matchæologist's core principal. They strive to create a high-end matcha experience akin to fine wine and with an epicurean angle. Founded in London, they partner with the finest Japanese artisans to create stunning matcha-ware and superb tea.

Mrs. Donabe's Recipe Suggestions

Iced Houjicha Latte
Steamed Houjicha Cake

100 g Tea Powder Can
  • Net weight: 3.5 oz | 100 g
  • Ingredients: Matcha
    • Producer: Matchæologist
    • Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan
    • Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture, sunlight and odors.
    • Refrigerate after opening for maximum flavor and potency.

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