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Chikuseiko Incense
Chikuseiko Incense
Chikuseiko Incense
Chikuseiko Incense
Chikuseiko Incense
Chikuseiko Incense
Chikuseiko Incense
Chikuseiko Incense
Chikuseiko Incense

Available in 6 Scents

Chikuseiko Incense


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Bamboo Charcoal Incense by Kohchosai Kosuga

Originating in Kyoto, this fifth-generation atelier combines traditional shaping techniques with modern design concepts. Using their high-quality bamboo, Kohchosai Kosuga creates the most soothing and natural incense products.

Chikuseiko Incense by Kohchosai Kosuga is unique in that bamboo charcoal is mixed into the incense along with other 100% natural ingredients, such as natural oils, essence (deodorant), and fragrance extracted from plants. Because of the bamboo charcoal, less smoke is emitted into the air, allowing you to enjoy the scent in an elegant way.

The incense is made in Awaji Island, Hyogo, Japan, where 70% of Japanese domestic incense is produced. The seasonal winter winds that blow in this area are used to dry the incense. 

We have 6 calming scents available: Bamboo, Plum Tree, Rose, Cherry Blossom, Sandalwood, and Pine. There are many benefits associated with incense. It is found to be incredibly aromatherapeutic-- helping to calm the mind, promoting better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing focus/concentration, and relieving pain

Enjoy the incense with our compact bamboo Mousou Incense Holder.

  • Size: 50 sticks | 3.5"| 9 cm
  • Weight: 1.3 oz | 36 g
  • Material: Bamboo Charcoal, Bamboo Vinegar, Natural Aromas
  • Producer: Kohchosai Kosuga
  • Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Usage and Care

  • Light incense with open flame until smoke appears
  • Do not expose the flame for too long. If incense continues to flame without extinguishing itself, you may blow it out yourself.
  • Avoid placing near flammable objects when lighting incense
  • Do NOT burn incense with anything above it
  • Do NOT leave incense unattended
  • Avoid soaking in water

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