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Sugahara (a.k.a SGHR) - Artisan Glassmaker since 1932

Established in Tokyo in 1932, the artisans at Sugahara have applied traditional Japanese design techniques to reveal and express the beauty of glass in ways never before seen, in handcrafted glassware for the tabletop and other uses. “Glass is alive.” “Communicate with glass.” This is how Sugahara artisans talk about glass. They communicate with glass by observing it and hearing its “voice” every day. As the artisans capture and shape the glass at its key moment – when it is extremely hot liquid – flowing liquid-like forms are created in keeping with the unique consistencies and intensity of the material, and the infinite characteristics of glass are explored and revealed to maximum effect in the end product.

At the current workshop in Chiba Prefecture, Sugahara continues to hand-craft unique and timeless pieces, and they boast over 4,000 original products in their catalogue.

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