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New Year 2024

Make your new year celebrations memorable with celebratory tableware - including a Lacquerware collection by Yamada Heiando, a Kyoto Bamboo Jubako Tiered Box by Kohchosai Kosuga, and Yamasan Miyake's donburi bowls featuring hand-painted rabbits. In addition, red and Tai (sea bream) designed tableware by Zoho-Gama, are great for celebratory occasions. In Japan, the color red and tai (sea bream - because the word “medetai” meaning congratulation has the sound “tai”) is associated with celebration so there is no better way to enjoy a New Year's dish than with their festive Medetai, Tsubaki, and Aka-Kannyu items. All of these items are all great for festivities or for any occasion.
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