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So Many of Our Most Popular Donabe and New Donabe are Now Available

After a long wait since before the end of this past year, we have finally restocked many of our hand-crafted Donabe by Nagatani-en from Iga, Japan. From everybody's essential Classic-style Donabe, to the extra-functional Unique-style Donabe, we are so excited to announce that many of these anxiously waited upon Donabe products have returned to our shelves and online boutique. We have them in different shapes and sizes, and some Iga-yaki tableware to go with them as well. Additionally, we have brand-new designs of Classic-style Donabe joining our authentic Iga-yaki Donabe lineup. So, please check them all out, and we hope you will find what you have been waiting for and hope you discover something new to bring joy to your home.

Happy Donabe Life!