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MADE IN GIFU Opening Reception and Online Launch

Gifu Products


TOIRO has curated a selection of handmade products from nine producers, totaling over 100 items, across Gifu, situated in the heart of Japan. The collection includes Mino-yaki pottery, Mino Washi Paper, wood works, and many more. To learn more about each producer and their story, check out this page on Happy Donabe Life.

We are honored to be representing these special Gifu handcrafts and being able to bring them to Los Angeles. All of these products will be available world-wide via our online shop starting April 14th. Please join us in this opportunity to celebrate the launch of MADE IN GIFU, and see and feel these unique and beautiful items yourself.

Gifu prefecture is known as the “Land of Clear Waters” that flow through ancient forests. It is a centrally located landlocked region nestled within the mountains, and is the site of more than 1,300 years’ history of continuous artisan craftwork. Gifu Prefecture’s rich culture has been recognized by UNESCO, with the village of Shirakawa-go being given the distinction of a World Heritage Site.

Please RSVP to attend this event at this link.