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Have you Tried Sandwich Guide?


For All Sando and Egg Lovers, here’s the answer. Sandwich Guide from Tokyo.

Designed by Hiroshi Yamasaki, a Tokyo-based product designer, this cute and handy tool to has been loved by sando-obsessed professionals and home cooks. Also a personal obsession of Naoko, and she has been making all different kinds of unique sando with this.

When making a sandwich, especially when piling layers of different ingredients, the center tends to become higher and create uneven height. Also, spreading fillings to the very corners/ edges can be challenging. This Sandwich Guide solves such problems. Regardless of a single layer or multiple layers of fillings, this tool can help you make evenly spread fillings to upgrade your sandwich.
This durable tool can also used as a mold for fried eggs. You can make cute square fried eggs in a pan!

This simple beauty comes in a stylish box so is perfect for gifting, too. Find more info the product page linked here.