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Donabe Cooking Class Themes


Products Kamado-san - 1 Rice Cup SizeGood for 1-2 servings. Kamado-san - 2 Rice Cup SizeA little smaller than our standard size. Kamado-san - 3 Rice Cup SizeOur best seller standard-size. Kamado-san - 5 Rice Cup SizePerfect for a larger group. Biggest Kamado-san. Price $120.00 $140.00 $180.00 $325.00 Size 18.5 cm (7″) x W21.5 cm (8.75″) – incl. handles x H13.5 cm (5″) 21 cm (8.5″) x W26 cm (10.5″ – incl. handles) x H16 cm (6″) 24 cm (9.5″) x W30 cm (12″) – incl. handles x H18 cm (7″) 26 cm (10.5″) x W32.5 cm (13″ – incl....

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Donabe Steaming Dishes

You can create a multi-course steam dinner party in one donabe pot!  All dishes are made in the donabe steamer, MUSHI NABE.  We cook and eat throughout this class – you can experience the tasty communal dining, Japanese way. Menu: Vegetables appetizer  with miso dipping sauce Tofu and Shimeji Mushrooms with black sesame sauce Shumai dumplings Pork belly and cabbage with ponzu "Shime" course udon noodles in rich broth Pairing wine or sake

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Donabe Steaming Dishes 2

This popular theme is back with the new menu.  We will make the multi-course meal with the donabe steamer.  We will keep cooking and eating at the table! Menu: Tofu chawan-mushi (savory soy custard) Steamed autumn vegetables with Japanese mustard sauce Dim-sum style shrimp on the tofu Steamed fish with ponzu sauce Pairing wine or sake

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"Setsubun" Temaki Sushi Celebration

"Setsubun" (February 3) is the end of winter in Japanese calendar.  We will show you how to make our home's classic temaki (hand-roll) sushi party with a variety of fresh ingredients to celebrate "Setsubun".  We will also make "Setsubun Eho-maki" (traditional uncut sushi roll, originated in Kansai area of Japan) Menu: Spinach Ohitashi (spinach in a light soy broth) Akadashi miso soup with tofu and wakame seaweed Setsubun Eho-maki (We'll face this year's lucky direction, West-South-West to eat it) Temaki Sushi with donabe sushi rice: assorted sashimi seafood, fish "tataki", tamago-yaki, etc.  We'll keep making and eating! Pairing wine or...

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"Ibushi Gin" Donabe Smoking

Enjoy learning the easy techniques to make delicious smoked dishes with the donabe smoker.  Sakura (Japanese cherry blossoms) tree smoke chips from Japan will be used for the aromatic smoky results. Menu: Smoked seafood, cheese and vegetable platter with Saikyo miso dipping sauce Houji-cha smoked chicken with creamy wasabi scallion sauce Yuzu butter rice (cooked with the donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san") Satoimo (Japanese taro) and shimeji mushroom miso soup Pairing wine or sake

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