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Organic Brown Rice Amazake
Organic Brown Rice Amazake

Japan-Crafted Koji Superfood for Drink, Sauce, etc.

Organic Brown Rice Amazake


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Japan-Crafted Amazake: Organic Brown Rice Concentrate

Often referred to as an "IV for drinking" or as a "hangover cure", Amazake is a superfood rich in multiple vitamins and minerals.

This Japan-Crafted Amazake is made from organic brown rice and organic brown rice koji. It is concentrated, non-alcoholic, smooth and shelf-stable. In addition to the great benefits of Amazake, this concentrate has the whole-grain nutrition of brown rice. Besides the health benefits, Amazake has been enjoyed by Japanese people mainly because of its delicious flavor. The sweetness is the result of natural fermentation, and it has complex flavor. This is great on its own or can be enjoyed in various drinks or dishes.

Consuming a small amount of Amazake every day can help your healthy lifestyle. There are countless ways of enjoying Amazake. You can enjoy it straight, add it to your yogurt, granola, make drinks, make smoothies, or simply use as a sweetener (instead of sugar), etc.

"My morning always starts with a small amount of Amazake. I make my breakfast with kefir yogurt, ground black sesame, kinako (roasted soy powder), roasted almonds, fruits, with a scoop of amazake (I keep in a freezer) and mix them in a bowl. It tastes so good and I never get tired of it! This is like my ritual and boost my energy level immediately. After working out, I make a smoothie and always add some Amazake. I also use Amazake for a wide variety of dishes. For hot pot (I add Amazake into the broth), sauces, marinades, etc. When I make whipped cream for dessert, I use Amazake (instead of sugar) to lightly sweeten the cream. I make my own Amazake from scratch with white sweet rice at home for over 10 years, and I was surprised by how rich and complex this Brown Rice Amazake tastes. So, I enjoy both my white Amazake and this one regularly now." - Naoko

Amazake Drink Recipes

(Traditional Japanese Recipe)

1 part Amazake: 1 part water/ hot water. Add a pinch of salt or grated ginger root to taste.

(Make Your Own Latte or Shake)

 1 part Amazake: 2 - 3 parts milk or alternative milk. You can also add matcha, cacao, cinnamon, chai, or any spices and seasonings you like.

(Mrs. Donabe's Persimmon Amazake Smoothie)

Combine 1/2C (120 ml) Amazake, 1 over-ripe medium persimmon, 1/2C (120 ml) soymilk, and some ice cubes in a blender and blended until smooth. It's like a drinking cupcake!

  • Net weight: 8.8 oz | 250 g
  • Ingredients: Water, Organic Brown Rice Koji, Organic Brown Rice
  • Producer: Amazake Co.
  • Origin: Japan

Usage & Care

  • Please refrigerate once open
  • This stand-up pouch is environmentally-friendly, recyclable and BPA free.
  • To open, simply use a clean pair of kitchen scissors, and cut a corner of the pouch to squeeze out the amazake. Once opened and refrigerated, enjoy within 7 to 10 days. You can store the opened pouch in the refrigerator using a clip if needed, or transfer it to another clean container if you wish.
  • Pro-tip: Pour the amazake into an ice cube tray or another freezable container, so you can use it as needed and extend its shelf-life to 3 months. All of our concentrated amazake products have a soft, sorbet-like consistency when frozen, making it easy to scoop out the amount you need.

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