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Measuring Spoons "Osaji Kosaji"

Set of Two-in-One Measuring Spoons

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  • Unique Two-in-One measuring spoon (teaspoon/ 5 ml and tablespoon/ 15 ml) set of two kinds.
  • A set consists of each of the following items.
    -Japanese natural chestnut wood spoon (Made from Japanese wood/ Manufactured in Indonesia)
    -Porcelain spoon (Made in Japan)
  • Wood measuring spoon is suitable for dry ingredients, such as salt, flour, sugar, etc.
  • Porcelain spoon is suitable for both dry and wet ingredients.
  • Do not soak the wood spoon in water for a long time. To wash the wood spoon, use a mild dish soap with soft sponge. No dishwasher.
  • Porcelain spoon is dishwasher-safe but not recommended because of its size.