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Horoku Sesame Roaster
Horoku Sesame Roaster
Horoku Sesame Roaster
Horoku Sesame Roaster
Horoku Sesame Roaster
Horoku Sesame Roaster
Horoku Sesame Roaster
Horoku Sesame Roaster
Horoku Sesame Roaster
Horoku Sesame Roaster
Horoku Sesame Roaster

Traditional Roaster for Sesame, Tea, and More

Horoku Sesame Roaster


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Hand-made Iga-yaki Horoku

Horoku is a very traditional type of tool, which is used for roasting sesame seeds, tea leaves, etc. over open flame. You put sesame seeds inside of Horoku and just set it over open flame, and gently oscillate to roast evenly. The nutty aroma of sesame will delight your nose. This classic everyday earthenware tool used to be more common among older generations in Japan, but its functionality and minimalist wabi-sabi ("unfinished" or "asymmetric") beauty has been rediscovered and revered by new generations.

Authenti Iga-yaki Wabi-Sabi Beauty

This is a very classic style of Horoku (sesame roaster), which requires extremely skilled artisanship to make. Because of its unique shape, there are few craftsman who can make the authentic Horoku with classic beauty by hand in Japan now.

You can also use Horoku for roasting coffee beans, sea salt, brown rice (for making tea), etc. No oil is necessary for roasting.

Each Piece Has Its Own Unique Character

Every piece is hand-crafted and showcase one-of-a-kind beauty. Also as you use it, the pottery can develop its character as you use it over time. The color and texture could change slightly, or tiny crackles ("kannyu") could develop inside. These are all the welcoming characteristics of wabi-sabi beauty, and we hope you enjoy using this pottery for a very long time.

  • The very thin cracks could appear inside. It’s called “kannyu” in Japanese and the cracks run like veins. They are the naturally developed cracks on the glaze and won’t affect the function of the donabe.
  • Over multiple uses, the bottom part starts to change its color and black spots (like burned spots) could appear. It’s also the part of developing the character and it’s is safe to use.

How to roast sesame seeds
(Before the first use, please rinse and dry your Horoku completely)

1. Insert ingredients from the open hole in the Horoku body. Make sure the Horoku is dry before heating it, as the wet body could cause cracking when heated.

2. Roast sesame seeds over desired heat level (we suggest low-heat). Hold the handle and gently shake the Horoku for even roasting as necessary. Use an oven mitt to hold the handle as it could get very hot. Watch it all the time, and be careful not to burn the contents.

3. When the sesame seeds are roasted to your desired level, lift the Horoku and pour them out from the hole in the end of the handle into a bowl.

  • Size: 7.5” x 5.3” x 3.1” high (L19 cm x W13.5 cm x H8 cm)
  • Weight: 12 oz (350 g)

Material: Clay
Brand: Tojiki Tonya
Origin: Iga, Japan
Included in the package: Horoku and English instruction sheet.

Usage and Care

  • Ideal for gas stove top use. This donabe is not suitable for electric or induction cooktop.
  • This donabe can be heated while it’s empty.
  • Once you empty the contents and Horoku is completely cooled down, you can either just shake off or gently wipe the inside with paper towel (dry or wet) as necessary.
  • If you wish to wash Horoku, use a soft sponge with mild soap.
  • Hand wash only.
  • This product does not need to be seasoned before its first use.

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