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Banrai Soymilk
Banrai Soymilk
Banrai Soymilk
Banrai Soymilk
Banrai Soymilk
Banrai Soymilk
Banrai Soymilk
Banrai Soymilk
Banrai Soymilk

Ideal for Tofu Making, Drinking, and Cooking

Banrai Soymilk


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*Soymilk and Nigari are sold separately

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Non-GMO Premium Soymilk Made of 100% Japanese Domestic Soybeans
Banrai Soymilk is remarkably rich and pure in taste, which is ideal for any of your soy creations. It is made with 100% Non-GMO Japanese domestic soybeans and with no preservatives or additives. On top of that, Banrai Soymilk has one of the highest concentrations of soy solids (over 11%) in the market. (Standard beverage-type soymilks only contain about 2 to 6 % of soy solids.)  Banrai uses the karayaburi method to create the soymilk resulting in less bitterness, which allows the natural sweetness of the soybeans to shine through.

Ideal for Tofu Making, Drinking, or Using for Cooking
Because of the purity of the product along with its natural sweetness and rich, smooth texture, Banrai Soymilk is suitable not only for drinking straight, but also for all kinds of cooking purposes. You can use Banrai Soymilk in desserts, breads, beverages, and most of all, for making homemade tofu. (At least 11% of soy solids is required to create tofu, otherwise it will not curdle.)

We Also Offer Banrai Nigari Liquid For Your Tofu-making
If you want to make fresh tofu, we also would like to offer Banrai Nigari Liquid that is sold separately. Nigari is mineral-rich residual liquid that remains after salt is extracted from sea water, and it plays as a natural coagulator in making authentic fresh tofu. A bag of Banrai Nigari Liquid contains eight individual packets that makes it convenient to measure the ratio when making tofu along with Banrai Soymilk. 

A packet of Banrai Nigari is good for 1/2 cup (125 ml) of Banrai Soymilk to make fresh tofu - which means you will need eight packets of Banrai Nigari for a whole pack (1000 ml) of Banrai Soymilk. 

Making Fresh Tofu at Home using a Donabe
Banrai Soymilk is an essential ingredient to make fresh tofu in a donabe. You can make a large amount of tofu to serve as a communal style, or use a small, individual-sized donabe for your breakfast. Here are the suggestions for different size of doanbe.

How to Make Homemade Tofu
Here are the basic instructions of making fresh tofu with Banrai Soymilk and Banrai Nigari Liquid.

(For an individual size)

  1. Combine  1/2 cup (125 ml) chilled Banrai Soymilk with 1 packet of Banrai Nigari in an individual-size donabe (for example, Donabe Egg Baker, or Petite Donabe). Stir gently about 10 times. Set over medium-low to low heat. 
  2. Once the soymilk is very hot (about 180 - 185F/ 80 - 85C degrees) but before the center starts simmering (about 3 - 5 minutes), turn off the heat. Meanwhile, stir gently a couple of times to make sure the even heat distribution.
  3. Cover with lid and let it sit for 10 - 15 minutes. Enjoy with your choice of condiments.

(For a larger size - 2 cups/ 500 ml or more)

  1. Heat the soymilk in a donabe over medium heat.
  2. Once the soymilk is almost simmering (about 180 - 185F/ 80 - 85C degrees), turn off the heat and quickly stir in the nigari liquid.
  3. Cover with lid (for a cool/ cold environment, cover with a foil under the lid to make sure the extra-tight seal) and let it sit for 20 - 30 minutes.
  4. Gently scoop with a serving spoon into individual bowls at the table. Enjoy with your choice of condiments.

Long Shelf Life / Can be Stored at Room Temperature
Due to its purity and packaging method, Banrai Soymilk has a very long shelf life of 365 days from production. An unopened package can be stored at room temperature, so you can stock up your pantry with these soymilk packages without worrying about having to consume them quickly.

"This soymilk is so rich and pure. I can taste nothing but the very pure soybeans in this soy milk and love its smooth texture. I not only drink this every day but enjoy making both individual size and family-size tofu with my donabe." - Naoko (a.k.a. Mrs. Donabe)

Mrs. Donabe's Recipe Suggestions
Homemade Tofu
Soymilk Porridge with Turnips
Homemade Silky Tofu
Black Cod Hot Pot in Saikyo Miso & Soymilk Broth
Cold Udon with Sesame Soymilk Sauce
Soymilk Tan Tan Nabe

*Soymilk and Nigari are sold separately

Banrai Soymilk

  • Net volume: 33.8 fl oz | 1,000 ml
  • Ingredients: Non-GMO soybeans, Purified water
  • Serving size: 8 fl oz | 240 ml, contains 0.5 oz | 14 g soy protein
  • Producer: Banrai
  • Origin: Mie Prefecture, Japan

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