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Our Favorites for the Season

Featuring our favorite selections of Donabe, kitchenware, tableware, pantry items, and cooking accessories, our Winter Collection aims to bring joy to your table this season.  

Donabe Season is Here

Donabe Season is year-round here at TOIRO but during the holidays, Donabe spend more time on our stoves and at the table. Colder weather heralds the warmer, cozier recipes that we have kept tucked away since last Fall and Winter. Tis' the season for hot pot, stews, curries, and soups. So, our excitement for the season is satisfied by putting our Donabe to work in making dishes that provide extra warmth to the soul. They are the leaders of the holiday kitchen, and there's no better time to make a spot for them on your stove.

Wintry Tableware

We love when certain fruits and vegetables become in-season when Winter rolls around. What’s just as exciting is being able to eat from tableware that reflects the colder weather as well. Plates, bowls, and drink ware from producers like Nagatani-en, Kaneko Kohyo, Hechimon, and Fudoh-Gama that boast cool tones and elemental accents are the best canvases for seasonal dishes to shine. From everyday meals to holiday dinners, the tableware featured in our Winter Collection are suited for any Winter occasion. Just like snowflakes, there is something unique about the tableware at TOIRO. Each item is made unique by hand and you can rest assured that the ones in your home are uniquely you.