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Special Event: Kyoto Uneno Dashi Workshop with Donabe Dishes in May

May 12th & 13th we'll be hosting a special workshop on dashi. An essential component in our cooking, dashi is considered the backbone of Japanese cuisine. Come and learn from Ms. Yoshiko Uneno, the owner of the seasoned Japanese dashi producers - Uneno, and she will be visiting from Kyoto to LA just for these special occasions at TOIRO. Uneno have been delivering premium quality ingredients for dashi soup stock to distinguished restaurants and eateries, selects and processes only top quality natural ingredients such as katsuobushi (smoked and dried bonito – the entire process of making takes about 1 year) from Kagoshima and kombu (Japanese kelp) from Hokkaido to match each restaurant’s order. Hailing from Kyoto with over 4 generations of history, Yoshiko will be sharing Uneno's expert knowledge on how dashi is made just like they do it in Kyoto. After learning about dashi, a dashi-themed light meal including donabe dishes by Naoko and the TOIRO team will be served. 

Limited to 10 people each date. RSVP is required: $90/ person
The price include a gift package of Uneno Dashi Blend Bags ($25 value)

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