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Event Report: Plant Sushi Workshop by Chef Yoko Hasebe (Plant Sushi Yoko)

The special plant sushi workshop by Chef Yoko Hasebe of Plant Sushi Yoko last Saturday was phenomenal! Chef Yoko kindly shared her talent and guided everyone making sushi with the beautiful vegan ingredients. Everybody had so much fun! The sushi rice was, of course, made with our double-lid donabe rice cooker, Kamado-san, and at the end of the event everybody enjoyed lunch of the beautiful plant sushi they made with donabe mushroom and tofu miso soup made by Naoko and also had a soy sauce tasting. The space was filled with great energy. Thank you so much, Yoko-san, for the wonderful workshop, and thank you to everyone who participated this special event.

We are aware that the event sold out so fast and there are so many people who wished but could not get tickets. So we will host another workshop once the crazy holiday season is over. So please stay tuned!

Happy Donabe Life!!