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COVID-19 Update (April 23, 2020)

Dear all,

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this most difficult time under COVID-19 pandemic. Our West Hollywood physical storefront remains to be closed until further notice under the stay-at-home order by the state of California. However, our online shop is open, and we are now catching up to ship out all the orders we received since the state lockdown. So, if you have placed an order past weeks and haven't received yet. You're order is on the way, so please be patient just a little more for delivery!

For any orders you place from now on, we will try to have your order shipped out as soon as possible. But, please expect a delay of the shipment (up to 4 weeks at this moment), under the circumstances.

We have been really touched by so many kind messages from so many people past weeks and can't thank you enough for all your support for our business and healthy donabe cooking. 

Thank you so much, and sending lots of love to you. 


TOIRO Kitchen & Supply