About Donabe Rice Cooker, “Kamado-san”

Authentic Iga-Yaki pottery, by Nagatani-en from Iga, Japan.
Iga-yaki is one of Japan’s most highly-regarded traditional ceramics, which is said to have originated in Iga, Mie-Prefecture in late 7th Century. Nagatani-en, founded in 1832, is the leading producer of Iga-yaki potteries and their donabe rice cooker, “Kamado-san”, has been a best-seller product in Japan. Each donabe is carefully crafted at Nagatani-en’s facility and it takes about 2 weeks for each donabe to be made.

One heat level.
Premium-quality rice with easy preparation.

Once you set the heat to medium-high level on the stove-top, you don’t need to readjust the flame until it’s done. The heating level may vary depending on the type of burner.

The glaze on the surface of the donabe promotes the far infrared radiation (FIR) when heated.

FIR helps the heat to penetrate into the core of each grain for even cooking, while retaining the moisture of the rice. The result is the fluffy shiny rice.

Why this donabe rice cooker is so special, while there are many other cheaper donabe pots available in the market.

The bottom of “Kamado-san” is about 1.5 times thicker than a regular donabe. So the clay retains the heat much better and gently cooks the rice. Even after the heat was turned off, the retained heat from the clay continues to steam-cook the rice until ready. Also, the unique feature of double-lid gives the effect of pressure-cooking.

They use the local clay from Iga, Japan. Because the province once was the bottom of the lake in the pre-historic times, the clay from Iga is porous as well as formed from very old decomposed living organisms. So, we say Iga-yaki donabe “breathe” as it cooks the food in it. As a result, the rice tend to stay fluffy after cooking.

Wonderful durability.

Donabe from Iga is also known for its great durability. With your tender care, “Kamado-san” can last for many decades. It will only adds the nicer character to it.

Suitable for both household and restaurant.

In Japan, this donabe rice cooker, “Kamado-san”, is not only popular at home, but among restaurants which care to present the premium quality rice to the customers. Some restaurants do individual donabe rice service at the table. Special large sizes donabe for restaurants are also available for special order.

Honored with the “Good Design Award” of Japan.

This donabe rice cooker, “Kamado-san”, is not only great as an everyday cooking tool,
but also makes a beautiful presentation at the dinner table.

General Product Info – Kamado-san


  • Clay Pot (Ceramic)
  • Made by Nagatani-en
  • Origin: Iga, Japan
  • Coming with the ceramic trivet, spatula, and an instruction sheet
  • The package also includes FREE GIFT of a rice measuring cup (1 rice-cup = 180 ml = US 3/4 cup). The color and shape of the rice measuring cup may differ from the picture shown.
  • Not suitable for dishwasher

Kamado-san (3 Rice Cup Size)

Our best seller standard-size.


Product #: CT-01

  • Size: 24 cm (9.5″) x W30 cm (12″) – incl. handles x H18 cm (7″)
  • Capacity: 1,500 ml (1.5 quarts)
  • Able to cook up to 3 rice cups (=540 ml = about 2-1/4 US cups) of uncooked rice
  • Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lbs) – weight does not include the trivet

Kamado-san (1 Rice Cup Size)

Mini Kamado-san! Good for 1-2 servings.


Product #: CT-02

  • Size: 18.5 cm (7″) x W21.5 cm (8.75″) – incl. handles x H13.5 cm (5″)
  • Capacity: 600 ml (0.6 quart)
  • Able to cook up to 1 rice cup (=180 ml = about 3/4 US cup) of uncooked rice.
  • Weight: 2 kg (4.5 lbs) – weight does not include the trivet

Kamado-san (2 Rice Cup Size)

A little smaller than our standard size.


Product #: CT-03

  • Size: 21 cm (8.5″) x W26 cm (10.5″ – incl. handles) x H16 cm (6″)
  • Capacity: 1,000 ml (1 quart)
  • Able to cook up to 2 rice cup (=360 ml = about 1.5 US cups) of uncooked rice.
  • Weight: 2.9 kg (6.5 lbs) – weight does not include the trivet

Kamado-san (5 Rice Cup Size)

Perfect for a larger group. Biggest Kamado-san.


Product #: CT-50

  • Size: 26 cm (10.5″) x W32.5 cm (13″ – incl. handles) x H21 cm (8.5″)
  • Capacity: 2,500 ml (2.5 quarts)
  • Able to cook up to 5 rice cups (=900 ml = about 3-3/4 US cups) of uncooked rice.
  • Weight: 5 kg (10 lbs) – weight does not include the trivet