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Premium Short Grain Rice

Premium Short Grain Rice

By Tamaki Farms in Urguay

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Short Grain Rice from Uruguay

Perfect rice to cook in our double-lid donabe rice cooker, Kamado-san!

2016 harvest of premium Japanese short grain rice, grown by two Japanese rice masters, Ichiro Tamaki and Morihiro "Mori" Onodera/ Tamaki Farms in Uruguay. This is by far our favorite rice among the rice made outside of Japan.

This short grain rice variety is a type of Koshishikari, a premium Japanese variety, and this rice is made by the venture of Michelin-awarded sushi chef, Morihiro "Mori" Onodera (formerly the owner/ chef of Mori Sushi in Los Angeles, CA), partnered with Ichiro Tamaki, renowned rice expert and farmer.

They found Uruguay’s terroir is similar to Japan’s rice growing regions, and more ideal to grow Japanese premium short grain variety than in California. Their first harvest in Uruguay was in May of 2013, and the quality and flavor of the rice has exceeded their expectations. The moisture retention and texture of each grain is superb, due to the ideal climate and water supply in Uruguay, in addition to the excellent quality of the seed they are using. 

This premium Japanese short grain rice from Uruguay becomes perfectly chewy in texture and has subtle sweetnes in flavor.

Article about their Japanese Short Grain Rice from Uruguay on Los Angeles Times

For storage, we recommend to use a tight-sealed container and keep refrigerated. Otherwise, keep in a cool dark place.

Your rice order will be shipped directly from the temperature-controlled facility of the rice distributor, so we are unable to provide tracking # for this product.

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