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Koji/ Sake-Kasu Workshop (October 16/ October 17)
Koji/ Sake-Kasu Workshop (October 16/ October 17)
Koji/ Sake-Kasu Workshop (October 16/ October 17)
Koji/ Sake-Kasu Workshop (October 16/ October 17)

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Koji/ Sake-Kasu Workshop (October 16/ October 17)


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After Hour Happy Donabe Club - Special Edition

Koji/ Sake-Kasu Workshop and Dinner featuring Special Guests: Nakaji Minami Tomoyuki and Yoko Maeda Lamn

TOIRO welcomes Mr. Nakaji Minami Tomoyuki, the Koji and fermentation master and also the founder of Koji Academy, to guide you to the magical world of Koji. Koji is a type of mold/ fermentation culture, and is the mother of Japanese essential fermented foods and drinks, such as soy sauce, miso, rice vinegar, sake, and ama-zake, to name a few. The event will focus on Sake-Kasu, which is the lees left over from the production of sake and is highly nutrient. This Koji product is full of flavor has been used in a wide variety of Japanese dishes and drinks for centuries. 

Along with Nakaji Sensei, LA’s local fermentation specialist, Ms. Yoko Maeda Lamn of Hakko will be with us to support this event.

The workshop will start with the presentation about Koji and Sake-Kasu by Nakaji Sensei and tasting of homemade Koji products. The second half of the class will be the cooking demonstration of special Sake-Kasu theme dishes by Nakaji Sensei and Naoko, and we will enjoy the meal together. And, of course, there will be donabe dishes! Each guest will take home a recipe packet and a souvenir.

This is a rare and exciting opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Koji, how to apply Sake-Kasu and other Koji-fermented ingredients in your every day cooking, and experience the delicious Sake-Kasu feast!

Sake-Kasu Theme Menu:

  • Sake-Kasu Finger Food
  • Mamina Sune (Okinawa’s traditional mung beansprouts with sake-kasu seasoning)
  • Sake-Kasu Shira-Ae (Vegetables in Tofu & Sake-Kasu Cream)
  • Sake-Kasu Nabe (Hot pot of seafood and vegetables in sake-kasu broth)
  • Kashiwa Meshi (Chicken and Vegetable Rice, Kyushu Island style)
  • Sake-Kasu Dessert

The menu is subject to change. The ingredients may include meat, seafood (including shell fish), nuts, and dairy. Due to the nature of the event, we are unable to accommodate any substitute request for ingredients. We appreciate your kind understanding.

We offer two dates (same program) to choose from. The class duration is approximately 2 hours. 

NAKAJI MINAMI TOMOYUKI―Expert of Koji Culture / Koji teacher 

Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design Ceramic Course. After learning traditional performing arts (wadaiko, dance, and song) at Kodo Cultural Foundation, he studied cooking and self-sufficient lifestyle under a cooking expert, Ms. Deco Nakajima. He had engaged in natural brewing sake at Terada-Honke as a Kuroudo (head sake brewer) for 8 years, and learnt fermentation and philosophy of life from Mr Keisuke Terada. Through brewing sake, he acquired fundamental knowledge of koji mold and fermentation. He started his own business as Koji Academy and actively works to convey a low of koji and fermentation, organizing seminars related to Koji and fermentation. 


Koji Academy certified Koji instructor. Yoko hosts Koji & fermentation workshops in Los Angeles.

Dates and Times (Choose either date): 

October 16 (Wed) | Starts at 6:00 pm

October 17 (Thurs) | Starts at 6:00 pm

Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes before the starting time. 

Place: TOIRO (1257 N La Brea Ave., West Hollywood 90038)

Cancellation Policy:
We are unable to offer refund or credit for cancellation with no exception. We are unable to allow you to switch to another date, either. So, please sign up with the class only if you can commit and and you are okay with our above policy, should you find you are unable to attend after you sign up. You can transfer your reservation to another person, and in this case, please notify us the person’s name and contact information up to 48 hours prior to the event start time.

Liability Release Form:
As a condition to participate in the event, each participant is required to sign a Liability Release Form prior to the event’s start.