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Iga-yaki Sesame Roaster

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  • Approximate size: 12 cm (4.75") diameter (body) x H6.5 cm (2.5") x 19 cm (7.5") – length incl. handle
  • Suggested amount of sesame to roast at a time: Up to 120 ml (0.5 cup)
  • Weight: 430g (about 15 oz)

Iga-yaki Horoku (Sesame Roaster)

Hand-made Iga-yaki Horoku

Horoku is a very traditional type of donabe, which is used for roasting sesame seeds, tea leaves, etc. You put sesame seeds inside of Horoku and just set it over open flame. The nutty aroma of sesame will delight your nose.This classic everyday tool used to be more common among older generations in Japan, but its functionality and minimalist wabi-sabi beauty has been rediscovered and revered by new generations. (*The design shown in this picture is no longer available.)

For people who like to truly appreciate authenti Iga-yaki wabi-sabi beauty

This is a very classic style of Horoku (sesame roaster), which requires extremely skilled artisanship to make.

Because of its unique shape, there are few craftsman who can make the authentic Horoku with classic beauty by hand in Japan now.

No two Horoku are exactly identical in shape and size. Each one has its own unique wabi-sabi ("unfinished" or "asymmetric") beauty, which is signature to authentic Iga-yaki pottery.

You can also use Horoku for roasting coffee beans,
sea salt, brown rice (for making tea), etc.
No oil is necessary for roasting.

You can make aromatic hojicha tea
by roasting green tea leaves

Roasting sesame seeds

General Product Information

  • Clay pottery
  • Made by Nagatani-en
  • Origin: Iga, Japan
  • The parts consist of the pot (bottom part), top lid, and trivet
  • The package also includes an English instruction sheet
  • Not suitable for dishwasher