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Takayama Chasen
Takayama Chasen
Takayama Chasen
Takayama Chasen
Takayama Chasen

Hand-crafted Chasen with Over 500 Years of History

Takayama Chasen


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Hand-crafted Takayama Chasen (Bamboo Whisk for Matcha)

Originating in Kyoto, this fifth-generation atelier combines traditional shaping techniques with modern design concepts. The bamboo, which is locally sourced in the outskirts of Kyoto is light-weight and sturdy.

Originating from Takayama, Ikoma City, in Nara Prefecture, Japan, these chasen, or matcha bamboo whisks, have over 500 years of history ingrained into them. The roots of the Takayama Chasen go back to the Muromachi Era (1336 - 1573), where the craft has been strictly passed down to each successor, usually from father to son. Amazingly, the modern design of the chasen is still based off the historical model created by the Yamato Takayama lord's son. Now, the area produces over 90% of the chasen in Japan, and has become recognized as the birthplace of chasen.

Each chasen is handmade by an artisan, where each individual tine is carved and shaped with a small knife and held in place by thread. Bamboo is sourced from the mountains of Hyogo, Nara, and Kyoto, where it grows incredibly strong and sturdy. No preservatives or anti-molds are used, as the bamboo is dried for a full year after harvesting in the winter.

Enjoy these culturally-rich chasen or matcha bamboo whisks for your everyday matcha fix, ranging from straight matcha to or matcha au lait by whisking in hot milk with matcha. They add a traditional and timeless beauty to any home and carry a long lineage of history in their design.

This style of chasen is called "Kazuho" and there are about 70 prongs in this chasen. Our chasen are available in three different thread colors: Red, Violet, or Black.

We also offer a Kyoto Bamboo Tea Bowl, Tea Ladle, and Powdered Tea Container for you to pair them with. Use the set with our Fuji no Haru ceremonial-grade matcha or our Organic Natural Matcha to create the ideal matcha beverage.

  • Size: 2.4" x 4.3" | 6 x 11 cm
  • Weight: 2.2 oz | 63 g
  • Material: Bamboo, Cotton
  • Producer: Kohchosai Kosuga
  • Origin: Takayama, Nara Prefecture, Japan

Usage and Care

  • Avoid soaking in water
  • Hand wash with mild soap 
  • Let dry throughly in well ventilated area before storing
  • Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight; product may discolor and/or warp
  • Avoid using near exposed flame or electric stoves; items are flammable
  • Please be careful as bamboo occasionally splinters

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