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Awajishima Crystal Moshio Seaweed Salt (Premium)

Artisan Umami-Rich Seasalt from Awajishima

Awajishima Crystal Moshio Seaweed Salt (Premium)


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Awajishima Crystal Moshio Seaweed Salt (Premium)

A Masterpiece of Traditional Flavors
Crafted with meticulous attention by seasoned artisans, Awajishima Crystal Moshio Seaweed Salt (Premium) is a culinary gem that embodies the essence of Awaji Island's maritime environment. Utilizing only the finest ingredients, 100% sourced from Awaji-shima, this seaweed salt offers a delicate aroma and a profound umami taste. It's a perfect complement to enhance the natural flavors of vegetables, meat and fish, making each dish a luxurious experience. This is the ultimate finishing salt!

Authentic Production: The Art of Moshio
Moshio, known as seaweed salt, is one of the oldest forms of Japanese salt making. The traditional process involves a labor-intensive technique where seaweed is sun-dried, then rinsed in seawater to extract salt crystals. These crystals are boiled down to form the rich, flavor-packed Moshio. Awajishima Crystal Moshio Seaweed Salt continues this heritage by sticking to almost entirely handmade processes, ensuring that each batch of salt preserves the natural minerals and taste derived from its unique ingredients.

A Gift from the Sea
The beige-tinted Awajishima Moshio is not only a culinary delight but also a healthful choice. Packed with minerals from seawater and the natural nutrients of seaweed like sargassum, this salt offers a milder flavor and richer aroma compared to conventional salts. Its all-natural composition makes it a popular choice for those seeking a healthier alternative without compromising on taste.

From Mythic Origins to a Modern Delicacy
Awaji Island, the largest of the Seto Inland Sea islands and storied in Japan’s creation myth, has been a bountiful source of varied food products since ancient times. Known for its fresh seafood, livestock, vegetables, and fruits, Awaji Island’s rich natural resources are perfectly encapsulated in the Awajishima Crystal Moshio Seaweed Salt. This product not only carries the island's historic legacy but also its reputation as a treasure house of exquisite, naturally-sourced food

Comments by Naoko
I love having this salt along with my another long time favorite Amabito no Moshio seaweed salt. While Amabito no Moshio is more fine granulated and all purpose, this Awajishima Crystal Moshio is crystalized and perfect for a finishing touch with the lingering mineral umami and great texture. I hope you will enjoy both moshio at your home!

Mrs. Donabe's Recipe Suggestions

Matcha and Salt Madeleine
Chirashi Sushi with Soy-Marinated Tuna
Nao Man Gai (Chicken Over Rice)
Chinese-style Steamed Fish
Cherry Blossom & Tofu Skin Rice
English Peas and Hijiki Rice
Salt-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
Tuna Poke Rice Bowl
Shrimp and Rapini Chirashi Sushi
Tuna Hot Pot
Slow Roasted Tomato Rice
Salmon and Daikon in Garlic Miso Butter Sauce 
Smokey Shoyu Corn Hijiki Rice
Steamed Tofu & Mushrooms with Black Sesame Sauce
Daikon Porridge
Roasted Salt-Marinated Pork
Azuki Chicken
Chicken Dashi Ramen
Steamed Meat-Topped Tofu with Sesame Sauce
Sake-Steamed Black Cod and Vegetables
Baked Foil-Wrapped Seafood<
Sesame and Saikyo Miso Hot Pot with Chicken Meatballs
Egg Porridge
Sea Bream Rice
Salmon Stew in Sake Miso Tomato Sauce
English Peas and Hijiki Quinoa
Corn and Hijiki Rice with Olive Oil
Seafood Chirashi Sushi
Spinach and Daikon Porridge
English Peas and Hijiki Mochi Mugi Rice

  • Net weight: 1.41 oz. | 40 g
  • Ingredients: Sea Water, Seaweed
  • Producer: TaDa PHILOSOPHY, INC.
  • Origin: Hyogo, Japan

Usage and Care

Store in a cool, dark place

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