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KANNA Glass Tumbler
KANNA Glass Tumbler
KANNA Glass Tumbler
KANNA Glass Tumbler
KANNA Glass Tumbler
KANNA Glass Tumbler
KANNA Glass Tumbler
KANNA Glass Tumbler

With Uniquely-tilted Hand-shaved Bottom

KANNA Glass Tumbler


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KANNA Glass Tumbler - Unique Tilted Design

Intentionally irregular and random is the concept of this uniquely tilted glass tumbler. This glass is created as a collaboration between a designer, Hiroshi Yamasaki, and a Tokyo-based glassware company, Kimura Glass.

The tumbler is designed so it can comfortably fits in a hand, and the bottom is shaved with a plane after the glass' initial shape is made, so that the bottom resembles a surface of a rock and the tumbler can sit at different angles. The name "KANNA" comes from a Japanese word for a plane. At a first glance, the glass looks almost unstable sitting at an angle, but it is carefully designed so it can sit comfortably.

Whatever drink you enjoy with this tumbler, we hope this will give you a special experience each time.

Hiroshi Yamasaki

A product designer. Born in 1970 in the city of Kobe. After graduating from Osaka Municipal College of Design in 1991, Yamasaki started his career as a product designer in KOKUYO Co.,Ltd., one of Japan's major stationery manufacturers, and later launched Yamasaki Design Works in 2005. At Yamasaki Design Works, he focuses on designing products which can improve our ordinary everyday lives a little better and more joyous. He is known for looking at things we are so used to or taking it for granted with his unique point of view and creating something new, functional and beautiful.

Kimura Glass

Founded in 1959 in Tokyo, while not owning its own factory, Kimura Glass has been known for creating original-design high-quality glassware by collaborating with artisans from all over Japan. For the last six plus decades, Kimura Glass has been the first-choice glassware company for many fine dining establishments and homes in Japan. 

  • Size: 3.3" diameter x 3.4" high | 8.4 cm diameter x 8.7 cm high
  • Weight:  4.4 oz  | 130 g
  • Capacity: 5.0 fl.oz | 150 ml

Material: Glass
Producer: Kimura Glass (designed by Hiroshi Yamasaki)
Origin: Japan

Usage and Care

  • This product is not microwave-safe. This product should not be set over direct heat. 
  • This product is not dishwasher-safe. Hand wash only.
  • Glass is very fragile. Please handle it gently and carefully. In the case of breakage, take care not to incur injury.
  • Avoid any sharp temperature change on the product, as it could cause cracking (a heat of 40 degrees will cause breakage).
  • Scratched, cracked or chipped glassware may cause breakage. In such cases, please do not use the product.
  • Please wash with a soft sponge. Some cleaners could make a scratch on the glass and cause damage.

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