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JICON Pitcher with Lid
JICON Pitcher with Lid
JICON Pitcher with Lid
JICON Pitcher with Lid
JICON Pitcher with Lid

Porcelain Pitcher by a 13th Generation Family

JICON Pitcher with Lid


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JICON is a porcelain brand launched together with a Japanese designer, Oji Masanori. The brand name means "porcelain (JI) in modern times (CON)." In the Buddhist words, JICON means "seize the day". It also denotes "porcelain (JI) created by the house of Imamura" of the Touetsu-gama kiln, founded 350 years ago. (Note that "IMA" means "modern times" in Japanese and can be paraphrased as "CON".)

The Touetsu-gama kiln originated in Mikawachi of Sasebo City in Nagasaki prefecture as a house kiln under the patronage of the Hirado clan. The kiln was redeployed to Arita in Saga prefecture by Imamura XII for its expansion. The second son of Imamura Hiroshi XIII, Imamura Hajime, went independent from the Touetsu-gama kiln and established his own kiln, Imamura Porcelain, under which he continues to manufacturer the JICON series. The kiln makes porcelains for daily life with its traditional white porcelain techniques using Amakusa Touseki (porcelain stone).

JICON Elliptical Cylinder Pitcher with Lid

This hand-crafted pitcher is designed meticulously into details for the most comfortable use for every day. It has a soft white matt finish and comes with a lid which snuggles on top. The handle has a wide enough opening and curve so you can hold it comfortably even when the pitcher is full. This pitcher is ideal for serving your favorite drink at a table not only cold milk, juice, water but also freshly-brewed hot coffee, tea, etc. 

The height of the JICON pitcher is designed so that one can easiy handle it when using on the table in a sitting position. The size and its volume capacity are given careful considerations so that it can be easily held by a small child and fit in the door pockets of a fridge. The pitcher is so pretty that you can also use it to arrange flowers in for a change, if you like.

Because it takes the form of an elliptical cylinder with a wide opening, one can easily access the inside when doing dishes.

About JICON's Texture

Delving into the true essence of the porcelain materiality, JICON relooks and reevaluates its components such as clay and glaze. Instead of the perfect sleek and glamorous bluish white color as seen in the standard Arita ware, famous in the region, JICON created an unbleached whiteness, carrying a tint of a half-mat texture, in order to bring out the materiality of the ware.

The glaze is made from white glaze naturally derived from straw ashes. To enhance the texture of the original pottery stone and glaze, the materials are not throughly stirred, allowing the brown spots, composed of iron materials in clay and glaze, and coarse particles to subtly emerge to the surface. The tender whiteness of traditionally made glaze complements the texture of antique ware.

The texture slowly changes with use, allowing users to cherish the development of such changes as time passes by.

*As part of its hand-crafted characteristics, there can be spots, thin lines/ crackles, color gradations, or sometimes parts look like blemish. They are part of the wabi-sabi nature and not faults. Each item is carefully inspected at JICON and also by us before shipping.

  • Size: 5.0" x 3.3" x 5.9" high | 12.8 cm x 8.4 cm x 14.9 cm high (including lid)
  • Width including handle: 6.5" | 16.6 cm
  • Weight:  1 lb 2 oz  | 520 g
  • Capacity: 0.8-qt | 800 ml (full capacity)

Material: Porcelain
Producer: JICON (by Imamura Porcelain)
Origin: Saga, Japan

Usage and Care

  • Do not set the product on any other direct heat. This product is microwave safe. Please be extra-cautious when handling a heated item.
  • Hand wash only. Make sure to dry completely before storing. This product is not dishwasher safe.
  • Food should not be stored in the product, as the porous clay could absorb the moisture and smell of the contents over time.
  • Avoid any sharp temperature change on the product, as it could cause cracking.
  • Do not freeze the product, as it might crack.

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