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Cold Tea Cup
Cold Tea Cup
Cold Tea Cup
Cold Tea Cup
Cold Tea Cup

Historic Tokyo Design Glassware by Hirota Glass

Cold Tea Cup


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Yuki No Hana Series

Hirota Glass' Yuki No Hana ("Snow Flower") series carries romantic designs originally made decades ago during Japan's Showa Era. Each piece is carefully crafted and shows its own uniqueness. The rim of the glass is heated over fire by hand, so it brings a soft, milky gradation. We have two colors available: an ancient amber hue and a soothing, gentle light blue. 

This quaint, pastel-colored tea cup is a perfect addition for any tea-lover. The short, dainty yet stable build of the cup fits well in the hand. The crystal-clear and gentle colors of these tea cups highlight the color of the tea very well and give off a refreshing feel. Pair this cup with any of our Jugetsudo tea varieties that can easily be cold-brewed.

Authentic Tokyo Glassware

Made with only the finest materials by highly skilled artisans in Tokyo, Hirota Glass has excelled in making the most beautiful glass tableware. Founded in 1899 by Kinta Hirota in Kinshi, Sumida ward, Tokyo, Hirota Glass has established itself as one of the pioneers of Japanese glassware. Now the company is under the 4thgeneration glassmaker, Tatsuro Hirota, and has evolved its own signature style through harmonizing traditional European glass techniques with Japanese artistry. Hirota Glass stays true to its classic designs and influences dating back to the pre-war period, continuing to push hand-crafted glass to its artistic limits.

The “aburidashi” technique which originated during the Meiji (1868-1912) and Taisho (1912-1926) periods, is one that Hirota Glass artisans are highly skilled in. By mixing “bone ash” with other natural materials, and exposing the glass to a process of rapid heating and cooling during molding, the end result is a beautiful opalescent (milky) finish. Through this process, the skilled artisans are able to showcase a variety of artistic patterns in the glass. This is a reason why it remains one of Japan’s unique, traditional handcrafting techniques.

  • Size: 5” diameter x 2.75” high | 12.7 cm diameter x 7 cm high
  • Weight:  5.6 oz | 159 g
  • Capacity: 4.4 fl oz | 130 ml

Material: Glass
Producer: Hirota Glass
Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Usage and Care

  • This product is NOT microwave-safe. 
  • Hand wash only.
  • Avoid any sharp temperature change on the product, as it could cause cracking.
  • Do not freeze the product, as it might crack.

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