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Kyoto Bamboo Nagomi Chopsticks
Kyoto Bamboo Nagomi Chopsticks
Kyoto Bamboo Nagomi Chopsticks
Kyoto Bamboo Nagomi Chopsticks

By Kohchosai Kosuga

Kyoto Bamboo Nagomi Chopsticks


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Masterfully crafted Bamboo Chopsticks

Originating in Kyoto, this fifth-generation atelier combines traditional shaping techniques with modern design concepts. Bamboo used in Kohchosai Kosuga products is Madake or Mousouchiku variety, which is sourced in Japan and is light-weight and very sturdy.

These rustic Nagomi chopsticks showcase the natural beauty of bamboo by leaving the epidermis of the bamboo intact. There are three different varieties for you to enjoy: Madake, Gomatake, and Zumendake; all are finished with a thin coating of lacquer on the sides.

Madake is a simple and pure bamboo design. After harvesting, the bamboo is let out to dry in the sun, replacing the green hue of bamboo with a creamy tone, allowing for the smooth, natural beauty of the bamboo to shine through.

Gomatake has a natural spotted design that resembles tiny sesame seeds. This is achieved by cutting off the branches of the bamboo before harvesting. The bamboo will slowly begin to die, creating this unique sesame pattern. The size and density of the pattern depend on both the weather and soil conditions.

Zumendake features a characteristic patchy pattern that is created by painting the bamboo with a mixture of sand, sulfuric acid, and water. The concentration of the liquid is adjusted according to the climate and humidity to create the perfect pattern. 

*Zumendake is now discontinued in production

  • Size: 9” | 23 cm
  • Weight: 0.3 oz | 9 g
  • Material: Bamboo, Lacquer
  • Producer: Kohchosai Kosuga
  • Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Usage and Care

  • Hand wash only
    Use mild soap and soft sponge
  • Avoid soaking in water
  • Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight; product may discolor and/or warp
  • Avoid using near exposed flame or electric stoves; items are flammable
  • Avoid using in microwave; coatings will be damaged
  • Please be careful as bamboo occasionally splinters

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