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"Setsubun" Temaki Sushi Celebration

"Setsubun" (February 3) is the end of winter in Japanese calendar.  We will show you how to make our home's classic temaki (hand-roll) sushi party with a variety of fresh ingredients to celebrate "Setsubun".  We will also make "Setsubun Eho-maki" (traditional uncut sushi roll, originated in Kansai area of Japan)

  • Spinach Ohitashi (spinach in a light soy broth)
  • Akadashi miso soup with tofu and wakame seaweed
  • Setsubun Eho-maki (We'll face this year's lucky direction, West-South-West to eat it)
  • Temaki Sushi with donabe sushi rice: assorted sashimi seafood, fish "tataki", tamago-yaki, etc.  We'll keep making and eating!
  • Pairing wine or sake

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