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Healthy Sumo Power "Chanko" Dinner

Japanese sumo wrestlers eat protein-rich healthy meals every day, which contribute to their extraordinary strength. Their typical meals are revered to be not only delicious but also remarkably balanced.  Therefore, "Sumo-style" menus are also popular among regular people in order to stay healthy (and for the beautiful skin!) in Japan. (Sumo wrestlers are only big because they intentionally eat a huge amount and sleep right after the meal.)  Our dinner will highlight sumo wrestlers’ signature hot pot, "Chanko Nabe", cooked with a classic donabe pot.

  • Winter sashimi salad
  • Tofu okonomi-yaki (tofu pancakes)
  • Salt butter "Chanko" hot pot with chicken and vegetables
  • "Shime" (end of the meal) "ojiya" with the donabe rice (we will cook it with "Kamado-san")
  • Pairing wine or sake

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