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Art of Miso Making

Let’s try Japanese traditional miso-making.  Miso is one of the key ingredients for healthy Japanese diet for many centuries.  It’s delicious and can be cooked in many different types of dishes.  After the miso making, we will taste the miso-themed dishes including the hot pot, and sake of Naoko’s selection.

  • Tasting of different types of miso
  • Miso-making from scratch
  • Miso-marinated tofu and eggs (sake-lover’s delight)
  • Ishikari Nabe (salmon and vegetables hot pot in miso based broth) in classic donabe
  • "Shime" (end of the course) ramen noodles
  • Pairing wine or sake
  • Participants can take home the freshly made miso as a gift.  (The freshly made miso will need 6+ months of aging before being ready to eat.)