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"Yaki Yaki San" Yakiniku Table-top Grilling

In Japan, table-top "Yakiniku" (grilled meat) is one of the most popular themes for home dinner party.  In this class, we will cook ingredients on the special Iga-yaki grill, which is made of the ancient clay of Iga, Japan.  The menu will feature popular Japanese-Korean  crossover dishes.

  • Scallion and shiitake pancake ("pajeon") with the dipping sauce
  • Soy bean sprouts "Namul" salad
  • Miso-scallion stuffed abura-age on the grill
  • Beef kalbi "Yakiniku"
  • Soy-marinated beef tri-tip "Yakiniku"
  • Sake-marinated Kurobuta pork belly "Yakiniku"
  • Mushrooms on the grill
  • Miso apple dipping sauce
  • Ssamjang dipping sauce
  • Assorted "yakumi" condiments
  • Donabe rice (cooked with the double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san")
  • Pairing wine or sake

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