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Shojin (Buddhist-style vegan) Dishes 3…Shojin Bento

You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy Japanese "Shojin" dishes.  Shojin cuisine runs in the core of traditional Japanese diet.  This month, we introduce a variety of tasty dishes which can be savored at home or taken on a picnic.  All the dishes we will make in the class are good at cold or room temperature to enjoy.

  • Donabe-roasted miso corn
  • Haricot vert "goma-ae" (mixed in black sesame sauce)
  • Kabocha pumpkin "suri-nagashi" cold soup
  • Lotus inari sushi (sushi rice in fried-tofu pouch)
  • Naoko's secret shojin dessert will be served, too!
  • Pairing wine or sake

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