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"Koji power" - Hand-made Shio-koji & Amazake

Following our popular Miso-making class, this is our new "koji" theme class.  Koji is a type of mold and it's also a starter for Japan's essential foods and drinks such as miso, soy sauce, sake, etc.  Koji is known not only for its ability to bring out good "umami" flavors, but also for its health benefits because of its live enzymes.  Today, the popularity of traditional koji products such as shio-koji and amazake is surging in Japan, and people are rediscovering how wonderful they are for their healthier and more wholesome lives.  "Shio-koji" (salt-fermented koji) is an all-purpose seasoning and you can use it as marinade, sauce, or simply as a replacement for salt.  "Amazake" (literally translates into "sweet sake") is a non-alcoholic naturally fermented drink from koji and steamed rice, and it's considered to be a super food (it's often called "drinking I.V. drip"!) for its remarkable nutritious value.

In this workshop, you will make your own "shio-koji" to take home with you!
You will also learn how to make amazake in donabe as well as various dishes by using shio-koji and amazake.

  • Shio-koji
  • Donabe-fermented amazake
  • Shio-koji marinated fresh tofu appetizer
  • Daikon salad with shio-koji dressing
  • Roasted shio-koji marinated salmon with radicchio
  • Shio-koji chicken in creamy soy-amazake sauce
  • Donabe chirashi sushi with shio-koji mushrooms & kale
  • Pairing fresh-brew "doburoku" (nigori sake)

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