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Japanese "Bento" Picnic

"Bento" is a Japanese-style box meal, which is a big part of the food culture in Japan.  Whether it’s simple or more elaborate, homemade "bento" finds a sweet spot in our hearts.  For picnic, typical bento consists of various kinds of side dishes plus "onigiri" (rice balls).  Once you know a few important rules about making "bento", you can use your creativity to make your own gorgeous meal to take to your picnic.  In this class, we will show you how to make a variety of bento-friendly healthy donabe dishes.  Once all the dishes are ready, you will decorate your own "bento" to enjoy in our patio (or inside…if it rains…but hope not)!  After finishing the meal, you can also take home the reusable bento box.
This class is for all levels.

  • Yuzu-kosho & basil onigiri (rice balls) with donabe rice
  • Donabe steam-roasted "yu-an" (sake-soy marinated) fish
  • Donabe-steamed drunken chicken & vegetable salad
  • Donabe steam-fry miso-lemon lotus root
  • Satsuma-yam in creamy endive & pistachio
  • Quick-pickled radish in honey-vinegar
  • Pairing wine or sake

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