Japanese “Hinoki” Wood 100% Homemade Tofu Kit

The Beauty and Fragrance of Japanese Cypress Wood (“Hinoki”)
Japanese cypress has been highly appreciated for centuries for its subtle fragrance, as well as for the beautiful appearance of the wood’s natural grain. The distinctive aroma of Japanese cypress derives from a naturally occurring substance in the resin known in Japanese as “hinoki-jushi.” This not only has a pleasing, refreshing aroma, but also has been recognized as possessing excellent natural antibiotic properties. Thus Japanese cypress has been used for many centuries in making all kinds of kitchen utensils, as well as drinking cups, an oke (Hinoki wooden pail), and even Japanese hot-tub-style baths. (Excerpted from the instruction sheet.)
Homemade Tofu Kit

Best tofu is made at home…Authentic homemade tofu kit

With this homemade tofu kit, you can make your delicious fresh tofu at home. The wood press and lid are handcrafted from the finest Japanese cypress wood (“Hinoki”).

The set also includes 100% cotton straining bag, 100% cotton pressing cloth, natural nigari liquid*, and full English instructions.

*Nigari, which is the byproduct of the sea salt, is the extract of the seawater. In the traditional tofu making in Japan, only nigari is used as the coagulator of tofu, while most of the commercial kinds of tofu you find in the US use a variety of additives. Nigari is considered to have many health benefits. Nigari liquid can be found at large Japanese grocery stores or some online specialty stores.

The wood press can make 2-block size of tofu each time. The set has nigari liquid in convenient individual packets. There are 12 packets, so that’s enough to make 24 blocks of fresh tofu!

Simple process to make the premium tofu

Homemade Tofu Kit
Homemade Tofu Kit

    1. You can start from the very scratch (dry soybeans) or from commercial soymilk (it has to be the pure kind with no additives).


    1. Once you get the soybeans, you can first make your own soymilk according to the instruction sheet.


    1. Heat the pure soymilk in a pot (we recommend all-purpose donabe) and add the nigari solution. Donabe will enable the even distribution of the heat and gently coagulate the soymilk.


  1. You can also find entries about personal tofu-making experiences on Naoko’s blog.

*The donabe need to be at least 2,500 ml
(2.5 quart) capacity to support the full recipe amount (soymilk should be 2,000 ml to 2,300 ml to make the full box size tofu).

Fresh made tofu with condiments…simple pleasure.


Homemade Tofu Kit


Product #: TO-01

  • Size: 4 3/4”W x 6 1/2”L x 3 1/2”H
  • Origin: Gifu, Japan
  • The set includes handcrafted cypress tofu press with lid, 100% cotton straining bag, 100% cotton cotton pressing cloth, 12 nigari packs, and full English instructions.
  • The tofu press and lid are made from 100% finest Japanese cypress (“Hinoki”)
  • Not suitable for dishwasher